Thursday, July 11, 2013


The black cherry tree is a woody plant species belonging to the genus Prunus. The tree can grow up to 15-35 metres with a trunk diameter of up to 50 – 130 centimetres, a mature black cherry can easily be identified in a forest by its very broken, dark grey to black bark, which has the appearance of very thick, burnt cornflakes.

Pale green berries begin to form as pea-size balls in late spring, born in long, hanging clusters, Ripening in late summer, The fruit is not truly ripe, however, until it has turned black, usually in August. By then, it has softened and become quite juicy. Edible by humans, the tastes is sweater when ripe, but is still some what bitter.

Because the seeds so easily germinate, this tree can quickly invade in lawns, borders and forests, and grows from a seeding even in underbrush. It prefers deep, moist, rich soil of varying PH levels, but will tolerate poorer soils and drought once established.