Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The most dangerous insect


Many spiders of the genus Steatoda are often mistaken for widow spiders (Latrodectus), and are known as false black widows

How to identify one
Steatoda nobilis can be identified by its bulbous midrift, glossy tawny body and cream coloured belt positioned on its front. Some people have likened its markings to a skull.

If you do suffer a bite you may experience chest pains, tingly fingers and swelling

Some members of this genus do have bites which are medically significant in humans (such as S. grossa and S. nobilis), however bites by Steatoda species generally do not have any long-lasting effects. The symptoms associated with the bite of several Steatoda species are known in the medical profession as steatodism; and have been described as a less-severe form of latrodectism (the symptoms associated with a widow spider bite). The redback spider antivenom has been shown to be effective at treating bites from S. grossa, after it was mistakenly administered to a S. grossa bite victim who was erroneously believed to have been bitten by the far more dangerous redback.